What's new for 2019?

Last year was a breakthrough year in some ways.  Most importantly, due to a surprisingly strong Summer Sail Camp, record participation in our Open Sailing classes this fall, a great effort by Randy and some parents and a couple of really key donations, we have been able to make additions and improvements to our fleet of club-owned boats we make available to our students.  In addition, we are tweaking how our Saturday Open Sails will work adding an racing oriented session.  Read on to learn more....


Five new RS Teras are coming in January!  We look forward to the arrival of 5 brand new RS Teras that should arrive just in time for our Super Bowl Charity Regatta.  These boats offer a sleeker modern design, self bailing cockpits and a durable type of construction.  They are also a versatile multi-purpose boat suitable for beginners, really fun in a good breeze and part of a growing class that features a fun oreinted racing circuit all around SoCal. 

Two fully rehabilitated CFJs and a bunch of new sails!  We picked two of our CFJs to rehabilitate to almost new status for our more experienced sailors to use and race with pride.  We will also be using new or nearly new sails during regularly and have purchased two brand new sets of race sails (one from our friend at Ullman Sails Newport and one from our friend at North One Design in San Diego).  All of our CFJs are also now rigged for spinnaker use.

The addition of an extra hour "race" session to Saturday Open Sails!  Starting January 5, we welcome sailors to learn a bit about racing in the most fun way we could think of.  Arriving an hour early will allow us to do a brief lesson in the Juniors room and rig and depart prior to the start of the regular class.  From noon until 1:30 the group will do focused exercises to develop skills that may be used in racing but will certainly make them faster on the water.  At 1:30 the pressure comes off and the group will join up with the regular class ending the day with some Open Sailing.  This isn't a class just for racers but is for anyone who wants to really improve and go faster.

Great upgrades to our Sabot Fleet!  Somehow we have gone almost five years without ever purchasing new sails for our Sabots, the workhorse of our fleet.  All that has changed with the bulk purchase of 10 new sails from H2O Sails complete with windows, bags and telltales.  In additon, Randy has perfected how our damaged Sabots are rebuilt and reinforced.  With the addition of the RS Teras to the rack, we feel confident we will always have "up to snuff" Sabots ready to use everyday with some quality spares in reserve.

Don't forget our Lasers!  Sometimes less is more!  We've cut back to two Lasers on the dock rack with one really nice one in reserve for regattas and serious sailors.  With new board and accessory bags tailored to each boat, having the right gear for each boat will be ensured so setting up will be smoother and easier.  The yellow boat has already be brought up a notch with a new cockpit bailer and the gray one is right behind on our "to-do" list.  With three 4.7 rigs and sails, in addition to Radial and Full setups for each boats we can accomodate sailors of almost any size.