We have tailored our fleet of Club-owned boats to provide every opportunity possible for our students as they grow.  There are many choices of fleet boats, we have chosen to build our fleet with the types of boats most prevalent in Southern California.

The Centerboard Sabot Pram

This is the workhorse of our program and is a legend the history of Southern California sailing.  A generous sail plan makes it responsive in light air.  Perfect for Marina del Rey!  These boats are easy to learn in but also feature advanced sail trim controls.  We have over twenty of these from multiple builders.

The Optimist Pram

The Optimist (Opti) is the most popular junior boat in the world.  As such, more and more local regattas are sailed in these boats.  A smaller sail plan makes these boats suitable for high winds and sailing in the open ocean.  We currently have six almost new boats reserved for racing, three custom built wood beauties and three additional fiberglass hulls for general instruction and practice.

The RS Tera

Brand new for 2019 are five RS Teras.  This is a versatile, nine foot boat suitable for both beginners learning to sail and experienced students wanting an adventure on the open ocean.  They feature a modern design, a self bailing cockpit and durable construction.  These boats have gained a foothold in Southern California programs similar to ours and have introduced a regatta circuit in venues such as the Marina, Westlake Village, Alamitos Bay, Newport Beach and Dana Point.

The Laser

The Laser is the largest one design class in the world.  It is a highly responsive one person boat which develops athletic skills and provides plenty of excitement while doing so.  We currently have three practice hulls and one race hull with 4.7, Radial and Full rigs and sails.

The Club FJ

The Club FJ (CFJ) is one of the most popular two-person teaching and racing boats in high school and college sailing in the country and particularly so on the West Coast.  We have four available for our students.

The Club 420

The Club 420 is also one of the most popular boats in Collegiate and, increasingly, competitive Junior racing.  It is similar to the CFJ but is slightly longer and features a trapeze for the crew.  We have one available for our students who have demonstrated a high level of proficiency and responsibility on the CFJs.

The Santana 20

The Santana 20 is a small keelboat with all the features of larger racing keelboats.  It's a classic IOR design with many ways to adjust settings to maximize performance. We sail it in casual race events and occasional special practice sessions.