Recap of the RS Tera North American Championship

The RS Tera North Americans was an epic event for SMWYC and our Juniors program.  Based upon the smiles and everything else we saw it was also fun for the competitors, parents and volunteers.  Teams from Colorado, Park City, Dana Point, Oceanside and Alamitos Bay arrived Friday and after getting them situated, we held about three hours of practice races and then had our own practice during Open Sailing.

Saturday Pro Sail competitors raced on the Ocean venue while the 30 Sport Sail raced in the outer channel in the Qualification Series.  On the ocean they raced six races in moderate breeze and the typical MdR chop.  In the channel, competitors were split into 4 groups designated by colors and each colored group sailed against the others twice in a round robin format.  Starts were aggressive and many boats were called over early and needed to restart.  Results were tallied up and the top half moving to the Gold Fleet.

Sunday the Sport Sail Gold fleet joined the Pro Sails on the ocean venue for five races in perfect breeze and, of course, the typical MdR chop while the Sport Sail Silver fleet sailed seven exciting races in the outer channel.  Awards were presented after a pizza party sponsored by the Santa Monica Bay Sailing Foundation and Sampa's Pizza (the official pizza of the SMWYC Jrs). 

Nine of our sailors competed and the range of experience was "learned to sail a month ago" to "very advanced".  We couldn't be more proud of each and every one of them!  Click here to head to the event website for links to hundreds of photos and results.